Gluten-Free Taco Night Bundle

Gluten-Free Taco Night Bundle

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Gone are the days of cardboard-y textures and strange flavors! Our Gluten-Free Taco Night Bundle comes with the staples you need for a delicious, gluten-free fiesta. Combining our two best-selling Gluten-Free tortilla options and our Gluten-Free Sauce Starters, you'll have dinner ready in 20 minutes or less. Just add protein, mix up some guac, and chop up some fresh veggies. 

Each bundle includes:

(2) Packages of Gluten-Free Cassava  Tortillas (6 tortillas per package)

(2) Packages of our Organic Yellow Corn Tortillas (8 tortillas per package)

Total number of wraps & tortillas = 28

A packet of each flavor of our Sauces Starters: Al Pastor, Barbacoa, Classic Taco, and Salsa Baja (4)

Total number of tortillas = 28

Total number of sauce packs = 4